PAGES-INQUA Workshop for Early-Career Researchers


Past Socio-Environmental Systems


20-24 November 2022, La Serena, Chile

After two consecutive year postponements due to the COVID19 pandemic, we have decided to organize the in-person workshop in Chile, La Serena, between 20 and 24 November 2022. Until the workshop takes place, we propose to hold bimonthly get-togethers to engage the ECR community researching past-socio-environmental systems, with lessons learned from vPASES2020. Next PASES Get-together will be announced soon.
22 April 2022 – 4pm UTC
Darcy Bird “p3k14C: a global radiocarbon database for paleodemographic reconstruction”
Acces to the video recording can be requested at
PASES2022virtual PASES2020

A workshop by ECRs and for ECRs

The workshop aims to facilitate scientific exchange between early-career researchers (ECRs) from a broad range of disciplines within the overarching themes of climate-environment-cultural changes, which are at the core of both PAGES' and INQUA'S missions. We welcome innovative ideas and approaches that tackle multiple hypotheses of change in past socio-environmental systems with implications for present and future sustainability issues.

The workshop will include four days of oral and poster presentations by ECRs and break-out groups in which participants will work on community-driven questions around the application of paleosciences to study socio-environmental systems. We especially welcome participants researching the social side of paleosciences with interests on how paleoclimatic and paleoecological data and models inform human responses to environmental change.