Please review the following guidelines to ensure a successful presentation during the PAGES-INQUA ECR virtual PASES meeting. 

The format of the talks is 15-minutes presentations covering the research within your submitted abstract. Each author should deliver a 10-minutes concise presentation to grab the attention of the audience and convey the key message, followed by 5 minutes for Q&A. Suggested breakdown of presentations is as follow: 

  • Slide 1: Introduction and objectives/ hypotheses
  • Slide 2: Methods
  • Slide 3: Results and Discussion
  • Slide 4: Take-home messages

We strongly encourage live presentations, although pre-recorded talks will also be permitted to avoid technical issues. Questions to recorded talks will be forwarded to the presenter after the workshop. If pre-recorded talk is chosen, please let us know at 

The presenter is asked to join the meeting at least 10 minutes before the designated time slot. You can find the time slot assigned to you on the official program.

The presenter will be asked to share his/her screen via Zoom platform and deliver the presentation.

Questions will be posed through the text-based chat, which will be open throughout the entire talk. At the end of his/her presentation, the convener of the session will  read aloud the questions. Please do not exceed the time limit of 15 minutes, in order to allow all the authors to have equal opportunity to present their work. If you have any concern (copyright, data availability) contact us.