ECRs ask, mentors respond”

A group of four senior scientists with long experience in the study of past human-environmental interactions will be discussing on a selection of the most pressing questions of this field posed by ECRs during our 2019 pre-registration process. These questions and the expert’s point of view will be used to set in motion an open, intergenerational and transdisciplinary discussion on how paleoclimatology, paleoecology, and archaeology can push paleoscience’s boundaries in the upcoming years.


  • Ignacio A. Jara (CEAZA, Chile)
  • Carole Adolf (Oxford University, UK)

Senior Scientists:

The panelists will discuss at least the following questions, along with input from the audience:

  • How do we effectively integrate science and the humanities to model past socio-environmental systems?
  • What was the role of human impacts and climate changes in driving the extinction of megafauna?
  • How did societies deal with recurrent extremes events?
  • How we can better understand past human impact on tropical ecosystems?