Author rights on digital material and social media

We embrace active participation in the virtual meeting to allow open discussion of presentations during the event and on social media. However, we ask that the attendant respect any specific request from the authors to not share the material of their presentation if any, including images, data and methods, unless permission is granted by the author.

Behavioural conduct

It is the expectation of PAGES ECN and INQUA ECR that both participants and attendees behave in a collegial, welcoming, and respectful manner towards each other. This standard of behaviour should be consistently upheld regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality.

All virtual meeting participants, including speakers, attendees, and organizers are expected to help ensure a psychologically safe space for everyone. Questions and discussions during Q&A sessions should be constructive and not intimidating. During the meeting, unacceptable behaviours will not be tolerated, including (but not limited to): i) intimidating, harassing and abusive actions; ii) harmful verbal or written comments towards others; iii) inappropriate use of images while being recorded; iv) inappropriate disruption during the meeting; v) photographing or recording of author’s material without permission.

Consequences of misconduct may include removal from the meeting without previous warning, and/or restrictions to attend future PAGES ECN and INQUA ECR meetings. The Local Organizing Committee reserves the right to apply the aforementioned measures.

We strongly encourage attendees to report any harassment experienced or witnessed to the local organizers by email ( or directly via private chat message.